arm saba asli

The SabaTamin Investment Company is a financial holding company that provides the services in financial markets at national and international levels, provides for the needs of the Shasta collection, its affiliate holdings, and other large-scale organizations. Lubricating the liquidity of the stock of companies affiliated to the Social Security Department and financing required by the Social Security Investment Company is among the most important operational plans of the SabaTamin Investment Company.

Active participation in financial markets and the acquisition of the most possible returns in these markets, taking into account the existing risks and environmental requirements, as well as playing the role of the financial arm in each situation, are among the most important goals of the company.

At present, SabaTamin is trying to create a credible and unique brand among financial holdings in the country, as well as professional consultant in the portfolio management field with the availability of financial resources, skilled and capable manpower, and active arms in the financial markets, wide-ranging outsourcing communications and agility in decision-making.

Also, by creating a systematic and effective system in the field of human resource management and risk management, the company has also been reformed and improved. SabaTamin Investment Company is primarily an economic firm, but at the same time, we believe that economic activity must be accompanied by legality, transparency of performance, accountability and compliance with social responsibility. Such an activity maintains equity rights and conditions and provides the sustainable development.

It should be noted that the subject of the company's activities in accordance with Article 2 of the Statute is as follows:

- Purchase, sale and acceptance of shares of companies listed in the stock exchange and outsourcing and the purchase and sale of goods traded in stock (commodity) both inside and outside the country.

-Buying and Selling Types of Securities and Participation.

- Creation and purchase of brokerage firms (securities, commodities and metals) in the stock exchange organization inside and outside the country.

- Investment and participation in companies, manufacturing, commercial, commerce, services, and domestic and foreign financial institutions.

Obtaining a representative office and reputable domestic and foreign companies to fulfill the goals and subject of the company's activities.

- Establishing and removing agencies or branches from anywhere in Iran or abroad.

- Providing consulting services and various financial and non-financial mechanisms for non-leveraged companies to accept and enter the Stock Exchange and other companies.

- Consulting and providing financial, economic and investment services to real and legal persons.

- Use of financial and credit facilities of domestic and foreign banks and financial and credit institutions.

- Issue of bonds and bonds.

  • Carrying out business activities as well as all affairs and activities which are necessary and useful for the realization of the goals and subject of the company's activity.
  • Mission Statement:

    Focusing mainly on financial services, The SabaTamin Investment Company, as an investment holding, is managing and supervising its subsidiaries in addition to managing stock portfolios.

    While emphasizing the supreme goal of maintaining and enhancing the value of available capital and achieving maximum returns, the provision of Shasta subsidiaries in areas such as financing and currency services, special assignment of the corporates, portfolio management, and stock marketing are the main duties of holding.


    Outlook Statement:

    The SabaTamin Investment Company, as a prestigious specialized financial holding company in the capital market, seeks to achieve the appropriate supervisory style, the optimal use of potential capabilities, the timely identification of attractive investment opportunities, and the growing influence of the subsidiaries and commodity markets of Shasta , Development of horizontal cooperation within the holding,

    Empowerment in the field of international activities, development of retail outlook using the state-of-the-art ecosystem in the country, brand-building of the company using the digital and efficient regulatory capabilities of financial intermediaries, in addition to acquiring and retaining a top position in the capital market are its supreme goals.

    Meritocracy, teamwork, horizontal cooperation, operational transparency and accountability to the owners of capital are the main pillars of this move.