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Introduction of Andishe Saba Asset Management Company (AMC)

of Andishe Saba Asset Management Company (private shares (was registered on 2/27/2021 with registration number 573949 with a capital of 1000 billion Rials, and at the beginning of June 2021, it successfully obtained a license to operate a portfolio from the Securities and Exchange Organization. It is worth mentioning that Andishe Saba also managed to obtain an investment consultant license on 12/11/2022.

Andishe Saba’s services include:

  • Dedicated portfolio management
  • Management of all types of investment funds
  • Investment consulting services

Presently, Andishe Saba AMC manages 6 investment funds and assets amounting to 200 thousand billion Rials and provides services to more than 80 thousand investors. The investment funds under the management of Andishe Saba are:

  • Saba Joint Stock Fund
    • Issuance and cancellation
    • Suitable for risk takers
    • higher yield than the total index
  • Saba Cooperative Development Fixed Income Fund
    • Issuance and cancellation
    • Suitable for risk-averse people
    • Monthly dividend payout
  • Andishevarzan Saba Tamin Fixed Income Fund – اوصتا
    • Tradable with اوصتا symbol
    • Suitable risk-averse people
    • High liquidity
  • Sabagostar Oil and Gas Supply Special Market Management Fund
    • Suitable legal entities
    • Market making from more than 80 symbols
  • Saba Gold Based Fund – نفیس
    • Tradable with “نفیس” symbol
    • Suitable risk takers
    • Low P/NAV
  • Saba Market Base Yield Fund – دیبا
    • Tradable with “دیبا” symbol
    • Suitable risk-averse people
    • Suitable for Government bonds
Asset Management

Andisheh Saba Asset Management Company designs and implements various exclusive portfolio management strategies based on the personal characteristics of each person, including the ability to bear customer risk, financial goals, etc. Maximizing the efficiency of your own portfolio.

Asset Management
private Asset Management
Investment funds

The purpose of forming this fund is to collect capital from investors and form a portfolio of assets and manage this portfolio; Considering the acceptable risk acceptance, efforts are made to give investors the highest possible return. Accumulating capital in the fund has several advantages over individual investment by investors.

Saba gold fund
Andishe varzan fund
Saba mutual fund
touse taavon fund