Since : 2020
Andisheh Saba Asset Management
A Brief History :

Andisheh Saba Asset Management (Private) is established in accord with the rules for the development of innovative financial institutions and instruments of Securities and Exchange Law. It was established in March 2021 in Tehran downtown.


The company is allowed to get involved in the following operations once it receives the required licenses:

  1. Market making
    1. Deciding about trading of shares or holding them on behalf of the certain investors based on certain contracts for the benefit of investors
    2. Holding positions in ETFs
    3. Any market making operation allowed by the regulatory body of the market
  2. Investment consultation
    1. Suggesting trading or holding shares
    2. Making comments over the price trends based on the supply and demand predictions
    3. Making comments about the evaluation/pricing of securities
    4. Risk management consultation
    5. Advisory services regarding merger, acquisition or restructuring organization of companies
    6. Advising services for development of financial institutions
    7. Any other operation permitted by the regulator of the market
  3. Processing financial data
    1. Collecting, processing and presenting the following information to the clients via using media outlets, billboards, electronic tools, newsletters, brochures or public speeches
      1. Information about the stocks, namely their characteristics, the issuer, responsible entities including their responsibilities as well as the owners
      2. Information about the trade of securities including the price, sellers and buyers, date, and the trade volume
  • Information about trade orders including the type of the orders, the base price and date
  1. Information about the issuers of securities
  1. Collecting, processing and presenting information about general economic trends mainly for informing investors, researchers among others
  2. Designing, calculating, publishing and selling indicators of the Iranian economy to foreigners
  3. Other operation permitted by the regulatory body of the market
  1. Offerings consultation
    1. Revision of issuers’ plans for providing advice on the most efficient fundraising method
    2. Providing consultation regarding the regulations and issuers’ commitments
    3. Creating business plans or giving advice for the creation of the plans
    4. Revision of information and documents used for creating business plans and evaluating them with the help of experts and pertaining authorities
    5. Verification of experts’ comments
    6. Creation of the registration statement or applying for the registration exemption
    7. Acting as legal representative of the issuer for handling legal precoders
    8. Conducting research for the evaluation and pricing of the stocks as well as providing advice to the issuers regarding the efficient volume of securities, terms and conditions, type of offering, timeline of the offering, along with advising the issuer over selecting the most proper agent.
    9. Designing securities
    10. Marketing and selling securities
    11. Setting the selling or underwriting price of securities
  2. Consultation on admission of securities or commodities
    1. Providing advice or executing all the steps for admission of securities in any of the markets, either capital market or other, on behalf of the issuer
    2. Providing advice or executing all the steps for admission of commodities in any of the markets, either capital market or other, on behalf of the issuer
Asset Management

Andisheh Saba Asset Management Company designs and implements various exclusive portfolio management strategies based on the personal characteristics of each person, including the ability to bear customer risk, financial goals, etc. Maximizing the efficiency of your own portfolio.

Asset Management
private Asset Management
Investment funds

The purpose of forming this fund is to collect capital from investors and form a portfolio of assets and manage this portfolio; Considering the acceptable risk acceptance, efforts are made to give investors the highest possible return. Accumulating capital in the fund has several advantages over individual investment by investors.

Saba gold fund
Andishe varzan fund
Saba mutual fund
touse taavon fund