The ceremony of honoring and introducing the CEO of Saba Tamin Investment Company was held

The ceremony of honoring and introducing the CEO of Saba Tamin Investment Company was held

Saba Tamin Investment Co. Appoints New CEO

Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Javad Mirtaher was appointed as the CEO of Saba Tamin Investment Company.

According to the public relations department of Saba Tamin Investment Company, Dr. Mirtaher was officially introduced as the new CEO of Saba Tamin Investment Company during a ceremony participated by Dr Mahmoud Malakoutikhah, a board member of Social Security Investment Company (Shasta), and the board members of Saba Tamin. 

At the beginning of the ceremony, Dr. Malakoutikhah honored the former executives of Saba Tamin Investment Company and said, "Saba Tamin has managed to adopt an influential role in the Iranian capital market and Shasta holdings."

Dr. Malakoutikhah announced that Shasta’s board of directors has approved the company’s 2025 Strategic Roadmap along with two comprehensive plans for enhancing investments and bettering the holding’s portfolio management. "These plans are expected to create positive and lasting benefits for the stakeholders and at the same time increase impact investments in underdeveloped areas with high potentials,” he said.

Emphasizing that this program is set to create new job opportunities and raise the sustainability in production, he added, "These programs, developed with a transformational and development approach, will contribute in the realization of the country's upperhand goals and the implementation of resistance economy principals.”

“As per the 2025 Strategic Roadmap, Shasta will be the main driving force of sustainable economic growth and development of the country,” he added.

Dr. Seyed Mohammad Javad Mirtaher also stated, “I appreciate the esteemed CEO of Shasta and all the esteemed members of the Board of Directors for trusting me and I hope they continue providing us with their experienced-backed invaluable insights in order to achieve the excellent goals of Shasta and become a leading company in the field of investment and financial services through successful operation.”

Referring to Saba Tamin Investment Company's future plans, he said: “Generally, the company's future plans can be defined in two parts: improving the current state and Saba Tamin's developmental plans.” Dr. Mirtaher added: “Generating high quality profits for the shareholders and the parent holding group is top on our schedule.”

Noting that Saba Tamin is a provider if financial services, he said: “Saba Tamin has ties with all Shasta subsidiaries and they could be considered as Saba Tamin customers; therefore, following the principles of customer orientation is a must, which is critical in raising the synergy and alignment of Shasta subsidiaries. We are to continue playing an influential role in financing Shasta subsidiaries and the Social Security Organization.”

Dr. Mirtaher thanked the former CEOs of Saba Tamin and Dr. Ali Mahdavi Parsa, the former head of the company, and added, “I hope unanimity of all members of the board of directors of Saba Tamin will sustain, so that the desired goals and the improvement of the necessary infrastructure will be achieved by formulating new strategies.”

Seyed Mohammad Javad Mirtaher has a Ph.D. in Financial Management. He has held various management positions including membership in the board of directors of Dana Insurance, Hamrah Aval, Noor Dena Investment Development, Iran Insurance Exchange Brokerage, Pardis Investment, Setareh Aval, among others. He also teaches financial courses at various universities and higher education  institutions.