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In conducting marketing, preparation and supply operations of the companies subject to the organization of Shasta

شرکت سرمایه گذاری صباتامین

Saba Tamin Investment Co

Saba Tamin Investment Co

Saba Tamin Investment Co

(سهامی عام)

(سهامی عام)

(Public Company)

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Saba Tamin investment Co

(Poblic Company)

Financially sound financial holding in the capital market

مجله صباتامین

Journal No. 1


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Market Analysis and Analysis

  1. Securities brokerage
  2. Exchange brokerage
  3. Insurance Brokerage
  4. Investing in financial markets
  5. Development of new businesses
  6. Divestiture
  7. Joint Trading

Providing brokerage services and securities transactions (sale and purchase of shares, services related to the supply and acceptance advice of companies and all types of fixed income securities and sukuk (Islamic finance tools) in the stock market and over-the-counter)
Providing Asset Management Services (Establishing, Setting up and Managing Various Investment Funds)

Preparing analytical reports (providing analytical reports on companies, industries, the domestic economy, the global economy, and a variety of explanatory and proposal reports).

Providing the financing services (financing through the capital market by a variety of sukuk (Islamic Bonds) and other methods)


Provision of brokerage and stock trading services (purchase and sale of goods, services related to the supply and acceptance advice of goods and types of merchandise)


Choosing the right insurance is not easy for the insurer in many cases. It is difficult to check for the present insurers in the country, type of coverage, records and their type of service for the insured. The official insurance broker makes it easy for the insured. He has the role of representative and insured consultant and offers him the best insurance with the highest quality without receiving a cost from the insured. Also, in case of possible damage, it is the duty of the trader to track the amount of damages from the insurer to the insured.

The official insurance broker cooperates with insurance companies in the country who have been licensed by the Central Insurance. In fact, the broker establishes a link between the insurance company and the client. Using his information from the insurance market, he finds the most suitable solutions and procedures for his or her individuals and clients. The insurance broker's work involves some minor insurance issues, such as insurance for individuals, to more serious cases such as commercial insurance and related to the big companies.





The approach taken by Saba Investment Company to enter the new financial and investment business is considered as one of the main strategies in the 5-year horizons of the company. Focusing on financial markets, meeting the needs of Social Security Investment Company (SHASTA) and social security, as well as helping to increase the welfare level of the retirement community members of the social welfare society, are among the most important goals in this regard.


It should be noted that this will be accomplished by investing in the startups related to the aforementioned areas, creating and participating in bold investment funds and buying part of the shares of the companies with the new businesses.



Considering the requirement for the withdrawal of non-governmental public organizations and institutions, including pension funds from the corporate domain, and taking into account the professional principles of portfolio management to reduce risk and provide reasonably expected returns, The SabaTamin Investment Company is committed to prepare and assign some of the companies subject to assigning the Social Security Investment Sector through the SabaTamin Management Services Company (OTC).




In order to expand communications and relations between the Iranian industrialists and traders and other countries in the field of trade, industry, services, agriculture, mining and other related matters.

Studying and surveying to provide the necessary fields for industrial, commercial, mining and agricultural investments, and collecting and evaluating statistical information and other useful materials on the commercial, industrial and economic issues of the two countries and placing this information in the hands of Iranian applicants and The country and cooperation with competent organizations and authorities of Iran and the other country in order to encourage and develop economic relations between the two countries.


Market analysis

Steel Industry Analysis

Copper industry analysis

Automotive Industry Analysis

Introduction of subsidiaries

  1. Hamoun Shomal Investment
  2. SabaTamin Brokerage
  3. Bahonar Brokerage
  4. OTC
  5. Tamin-E-Ejtemaei International
  6. Bimeh Tamin Ayandeh

Hamoun-e Shomal Investment Company


Logo hamoon

Hamon-e Shomal Investment Company (Public Joint Stock Company) was acquired by Holding SabaTamin on 08/08/2008. Currently, the investment company of SabaTamin (Public Joint Stock Company) is a major shareholder of Hamon-e Shomal Investment Company (Public Joint Stock Company).

Establishing a variety of companies and engaging in any kind of participation, whether legal or civil, and so on.
Changing the structure of investment companies for supply and sale through stock exchanges or other ways.
It is also engaged in the sale and purchase of any movable property as well as all commercial operations related to the subject of the company.

Company Services: Investing and participation in companies and plans of production and industry, commerce, services, as well as any authorized financial and commercial operations, as well as the purchase and sale of goods and stocks, as well as investment in real estate and buildings, etc.


Address : No 47 - Haghtalab (aly)-alameh tabatabaei (st)-Tehran Tel : 02188582715 Fax: 88582794

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SabaTamin Brokerage Firm :


Kargozari saba


Saba Brokerage Company with a capital of 60,000 million Rials and four active branches in Mashhad, Isfahan, Karaj and Kish Island has been ranked "A" from The Securities and Exchange Organization. The Sahatamin brokerage company was ranked third in 2014 with the total value of 122.880.634 million Rials (7.19% market share) among all related brokerage firms and has gained eighth place with 53.375.084 million Rials of trading value (market share of 3%) in 2015.

It is also worth noting that the company was among the top 10 companies in the social security sector in 2014.

Services of company: Brokerage and trading services, Asset management services, Preparation of analytical reports, financing services


Address : No 34, 6th (st)- Ahmadghasir (st)- Argentina Square- Tehran Tel : 02142115000 Website :

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Bahonar Brokerage Company


The Bahonar brokerage company (Joint Stock Company), a member of the founder of the Iranian stock exchange, has been registered with a capital investment of one billion rials. The last company's capital has increased by an additional one hundred billion rials on 11/11/2013.

According to the activities of Bahonar Brokerage Company, the purchase and sale of various iron and steel metals, petroleum and petrochemical products, agricultural products, cement, consultation and acceptance of goods, and the purchase and sale of commodity-based securities are among the activities of this brokerage.

The company also licenses brokering activities under the number 10701 to the Securities and Exchange Organization, the transaction of oil and petrochemicals under the number 11110099, the transaction of metal products accepted at the Iranian Stock Exchange has agricultural products, cement transactions and the future and online contracts under the number 11110071.

Company Services: Investment and participation in companies and plans of production and industry, commerce, services, as well as any authorized financial and commercial operations, as well as the purchase and sale of goods and shares, as well as investment in real estate and buildings, etc.


Address : No 16, 15th (st)- Ahmadghasir (st)- Argentina Square- Tehran Tel : +98 21 88721317  Fax : +98 21 88724023  website :

ادامه مطلب

SabaTamin Management Services Company



Providing an appropriate mechanism to create a dynamic and efficient structure in the field of the growth and prosperity of national production and support for Iranian labor and capital by conducting market research, marketing, and preparation of a suitable platform for the supply of shares of companies subject to The Organization Of Social Security Investment (Shasta) and other active economic centers in the capital market, as the case may be.
We aim to provide a competent, fair, efficient, transparent, and affordable capital market in the form of qualified marketing, preparation and supply operations of the Shasta-based companies.

1. To have an effective contribution to financing Shasta's economic activities.
2. Application of regulations, financial knowledge and effective procedures to maintain the health of supply of companies' shares subject to the organizing and observance of equity (Shasta).
3. Developing and facilitating processes by using information technology for easy access of applicants of purchasing the stock to the information of companies that are subject to registration.
4. Establish a process of systematic accountability to the stakeholders.

Company Services:

Preparation of the supply and assigning the property and assets, the exercise of lawyers in the assignment of property and assets


Address : No 14- Ahmadian(st)- Ahmadghasir (st)- Argentina Square Tel : +98 21 88707629 website :

Tamin-E-Ejtemaei International Commercial Company


With the formation of the Iranian Housing Investment Company, the company started its work in the form of a deputy from the company, and it reached its current position after gaining valuable experience and with the transition from three consecutive periods.

Activities in the field of finance and obtaining facilities and representation from domestic and foreign real and legal persons. Activity and conclusion of contracts on all sales and distribution services and after sales services in the field of international marketing and development of international markets. Real estate activities for the construction, equipping and commissioning of industrial and commercial projects

Company Services: Design, engineering, and implementation and financing the hospital, medical and administrative equipment of the country


Aaddress : No 26-Bahrami (aly)- Valiasr (st)- Tehran Tel : +98 21 88783821 Fax +98 21 88797841 Website :


Bimeh Tamin Ayandeh Company



With the help of God, this company is proud of the achievements of day-to-day insurance knowledge and adherence to regulations, laws and professional ethics, with emphasis on efficient and committed human capital. While protecting the interests of shareholders and property and the respectable insurers is committed to preserve the public and national interests of the country and will strive to ultimately be honest and transparent as an adviser on the basis of the principle of mutual respect and trust as well as commitment and loyalty to protect the interests of dear insured.

Certainly, my colleagues, in accordance with the above charter and following the customer-centric and knowledge-based principles, will use all their power to carry out these missions.

Company Services:

Personal insurance, cars, liability, fire and so on


Address : No 16- Ahmadian (st)- Ahmadghasir (st)- Argentina Square- Tehran  Tel : +98 21 88582715