Since : 1382
Saba Management Services Company

The previous mission of Saba Management Services Company was to prepare the supply and transfer properties and assets of other companies including listed and non-listed firms, in line with shareholders’ policies, and to exercise attorney in transferring assets of other companies and stocks, currently dissolved or liquidated, as determined by shareholders or other companies. Since the beginning of its operations, it has managed to successfully transfer 22 companies affiliated with the Social Security Organization to the private sector. It also managed to evaluate and sell the excessive assets of several companies affiliated with the Social Security Investment Company.

However, the company’s activities have gone through changes during the past year, as the results of which it has now become a provider of information and communication technology services in the financial markets in response to the technological needs of market. More recently the company has started getting involved in the fintech industry, which enables it to young and talented people and make best use of the capacities of elites and local experts to develop knowledge-based financial products.

Our services :

  • Stock brokerage services
  • Portfolio management services
  • Insurance services
  • International Domain Services
  • FinTech services
  • Marketing services
Saba Management Services Company

Saba Tamim’s management services are active in two fields of information technology and communication services and the international field. In the field of information technology, it has produced knowledge-based products in the financial field by employing young and elite forces. And in the international field, it operates in 5 sectors: 1- services of receiving and paying export funds 2- international trade services 3- provision of property purchase services abroad 4- management of foreign assets 5- international clerical affairs services.

Fintech services
Algorithmic trading
International services