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Saba Tamin Investment Company, is a subsidiary of Iran Social Security Investment Company (known as SSIC or Shasta), was established in 1994 as a private corporation with an initial capital of. The company later converted to a public firm in 2004, in line with plans to take a more active part in Iran's investment projects. Security Exchange Organization of Iran officially listed the company ten years later in 2014 and its shares were publicly offered in 2020.

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Saba Tamin

Providing brokerage services and securities transactions, providing commodity and energy exchange brokerage services, providing insurance brokerage services

(Including the issuance of life and non-life insurance policies to nationals) providing asset management services, providing marketing services for the preparation, offering and transfer of listed and non-listed companies of the Shasta Group

History of Saba Tamin Company
Saba tamin Investment Company (public shares) was registered in 1994 as a subsidiary of Social Security Investment Company.