Since : 2005
Introduction of Hamoon Saba investment company

Hamoon Saba Investment Company (Public Joint Stock Company) with national ID number 10102963232 is one of the financial institutions subject to clauses 20 and 21 of Article 1 of the Securities Market Law. This company was established on 09/27/2005 as a Public Joint Stock Company, and It was registered in the Securities and Exchange Organization on 10/07/2014 under the number 11292. Currently, the company is one of the subsidiary business units of the Saba Tamin financial group (Public Joint Stock Company) and the final business unit of the Social Security Organization. Moreover, the shares of Hamoon Saba Investment Company (public stock company) were offered on the Iranian stock exchange in August 2021 and were included in the group of investment companies with the stock symbol “وهامون”. Activities: According to Article 3 of the Articles of Association, the company’s activities include: 1. Investing in stocks, qualification shares, units of fund investments, or other securities that have voting shares of companies, institutions, or funds, investing in other securities that do not normally have voting rights and do not give the owner of the securities the ability to choose a manager or control the issuer, moreover, Investing in coins, precious metals, certificate of deposits of banks, and making term deposits with banks and authorized credit institutions, Investing in other classes of assets, namely physical assets, product manufacturing, or construction projects. 2. Providing services related to the securities market, including: Taking up positions in investment funds, financing, securities market making, participating in underwriting securities contracts, guaranteeing liquidation, and principal or minimum interest of securities. The company can obtain financial facilities, and start importing or exporting goods within the limits defined in the article of association. Investment fields: The company always tries to invest in stocks of industries that have a competitive advantage. The company’s investments have been made to increase returns and reduce risk, participate in high-yield industries, and ultimately increase the interests of shareholders. As a result, an important part of the market value of the company’s stock exchange and over-the-counter stock portfolio is related to the chemical, petrochemical, basic metals, iron ore, and banking industries. Liquidity is another important pillar of investment in the capital market. In this regard, Hamoon Saba Investment Company has always tried to invest in stocks that have high liquidity, and therefore, it does not invest in some stock symbols that are valuable to some extent but do not have acceptable liquidity. Another goal in choosing a stock portfolio is to choose a balanced share of an industry; In this way, the weight of an industry in the company’s investment portfolio will not have a significant difference from other industries, and the policy of diversifying industries is on the agenda in addition to diversifying shares. Therefore, the capital of the company has reached 5,000,000 million Rials from 1,000 million Rials in 2013.

Vision and future plans Since 2021, by getting accepted in the over-the-counter market, Hamoon Saba Investment has started its activity in a more professional manner; and during these years, based on the conditions of the capital market, it has performed better than the overall market index. On the other hand, due to the increase in the capital transferred to this company, it is necessary to create an organizational structure and compiled planning for the company. To do this, the management of the company is determined to pursue the following programs in the coming years: Increasing the stock market portfolio up to twenty-five thousand billion rials by 1405, development and cultivation of committed, efficient, and young human capitals in a continuous manner, knowledge management and organizational learning in order to create a smart and efficient organization, rectifying and optimally managing the portfolio in order to reach a balanced development of activities continuously, using fintech capacities and applying Information technology in investment processing, analysis, and operations, Entering into stock and commodity derivative transactions with the aim of increasing profitability and using of bilateral market capacity, conducting a study to enter new areas of investment to diversify the company’s portfolio, Pursuing the registration and establishment of the venture capital Fund and entering the start-up industry, the active presence of the company’s experts in the gatherings of capitalized companies.

The process of changes in the company’s capital: According to the strategy, perspective, and volume of investments made by Saba Tamin financial group in the stocks of listed and non-listed companies and its role as a holding company, Hamoon Saba Investment Company has an active and dynamic role in this group. The recommendation of the major shareholder regarding Hamoon Saba Investment Company’s more activity in the capital market, in order to use the opportunities available in the capital market more appropriately with a short and medium-term perspective as well as the appropriate perspective of the capital market in the coming years, has led the company to increase its nominal and paid capital with the main purpose of reforming the financial structure and investing in company shares, partnership bonds, and other securities over many periods.

Investment areas

Hamon Saba Investment Company invests in 6 areas: 1- Basic metals 2- Banking, foreign exchange and insurance services 3- Pharmaceuticals and medical equipment 4- Multi-industry 5- Extraction of metal minerals 6- Oil, gas and petrochemicals It should be noted that the range of companies active in these fields in recent years has increased the currency of these industries for the country, and therefore, it is strategic and important in macroeconomic decisions.

Basic Metals
Banking, Foreign Exchange
Multi-industrial Disciplines